Expert Insight: Harnessing Visualization-Driven Omics Data Analysis

Attend our free webinar on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 to learn about visualization-driven data analysis

10 Oct 2018

Image of Qlucore President, Carl-Johan Ivarsson

Qlucore President, Carl-Johan Ivarsson, will deliver the webinar

Visualization-driven data analysis tools can help to identify hidden patterns within big data, make it possible to accelerate the discovery process and optimize workload splits within an organization. The combination of ease of use and visualization within bioinformatics software opens new possibilities for visualization-based data analysis, and new ways of sharing analysis workloads.

In this expert webinar, we will illustrate visualization-driven data analysis with a live software demonstration, share insights driven from in-depth visual data inspection, and give examples of how your organization can benefit from such an implementation.

Qlucore President, Carl-Johan Ivarsson, will cover key points of visualization-driven omics data analysis, including:

  • Visualization-driven data analysis
  • How fast and highly interactive software drives improved results
  • How visualization can be used to easily and efficiently share results and ideas.

Who should attend:

Scientists responsible for data analysis, especially lab managers, biologists and bioinformaticians within industry and academia.

Attend the live webinar:

The live webinar will take place on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at:

  • 16:00 GMT
  • 11:00 EST
  • 08:00 PST
  • 17:00 CET