Product News: GenScript upgrades MonoRab™, its premier rabbit mAb generation platform

MonoRab™; superior antibody generation with a stress-free workflow that ensures delivery of the most clones for application-based testing, 10 different mAb variable chain sequences, and expert level recombinant antibody expression

11 Oct 2019

GenScript, a world-leading biotechnology company, has recently upgraded their revolutionary MonoRab service for discovery of high quality rabbit monoclonal antibodies.  For 17 years, GenScript has been a global leader in the production of custom biological reagents, including custom synthesis of genes, peptides, proteins, and antibodies. In recent years, GenScript has expanded its robust portfolio to include additional cutting edge services such as CRISPR, industrial enzymes, Antibody Drug Discovery, NGS, and diagnostic materials.  To anchor its position as a leader in antibody generation, GenScript has further optimized their pioneering service MonoRab, to strengthen the use of its antibodies in pharmacokinetic analysis, diagnostic services, and novel biomarker discovery, while maintaining the cost effectiveness and efficiency of its services. 

Rabbit Antibodies Perform with Higher Specificity and Affinity

While rodents are more commonly used for antibody generation, over the past decade, the power of rabbit-generated monoclonal antibodies has risen to prominence.  Due to their unique immune system, rabbits are able to generate antibodies with higher specificity and affinity against the same targets than their rodent counterparts. This ability to produce antibodies of superior quality is attributed to the fact that rabbits are a perfect blend of a traditional lymph node-based model species and more complex gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT)-based model species.  Unlike mice, immature rabbit antibodies undergo additional stages of optimization through processes such as gene conversion in addition to somatic hypermutation. These sophisticated affinity maturation processes enable rabbits to produce highly stable antibodies which bind more specifically to difficult targets such as small molecules, similar epitopes, and even targets that are non-immunogenic in mice. 


Novel Rabbit Antibody Generation Technology Leads to Unmatched Quality

GenScript is renowned for their innovative services which combine both traditional methods and modern technologies, enabling them to successfully deliver on even the most challenging research projects.  Their MonoRab™ service is no exception.  Unlike most other providers, GenScript prefers to rely on time-tested hybridoma technology for the basis of its antibody discovery platforms. However, unlike its rodent-based services, MonoRab™ delivers a high number of recombinant antibodies to customers for in-house application testing instead of hybridoma supernatants.  GenScript additionally provides a final deliverable of up to 10 different antibody variable chain sequences, allowing their customers the freedom to perform widespread antibody engineering, large-scale recombinant antibody expression, and extensive downstream application testing. 


Applications of MonoRab™ Antibodies Range from Diagnostics to Drug Discovery

As a high-end service, MonoRab™ gives the customer complete customization and control over each step of the antibody discovery process.  This includes additional clone number guarantees, characterization, and screening methods.  Because of this customizability, MonoRab™ is ideal for challenging, highly technical antibody discovery projects, or for antibodies destined to be used in diagnostics or therapeutics. The high specificity and affinity of rabbit mAbs makes them perfect candidates for IHC or ELISA-based in vitro diagnostics.  Rabbit mAbs also work well as targeting agents for fluorescence or radiolabeling required in in vivo diagnostic applications, such as ultrasounds and MRIs.  Lastly, rabbit mAbs are preferred when generating anti-idiotype antibodies for pharmacokinetic analysis during early stage drug discovery or even as part of the therapeutic itself, such as in Chimeric Antigen Receptor therapy (CAR-T).  Whatever the specific application, rabbit monoclonal antibodies generated using GenScript’s MonoRab™ service will certainly provide unmatched results and great customer satisfaction. 


Visit GenScript at Neuroscience 2019 in Chicago, USA, October 19-23, booth #807 to learn from an expert how MonoRab™ can enhance your custom antibody discovery through the strong specificity and high affinity of rabbit monoclonal antibodies.