Expert Insight: FREE WEBINAR: How to Advance Your Research in Drug Discovery and Biologic Manufacture

Join SelectScience and Dr. Richard Eglan for a specialist drug discovery webinar on 3D cell culture technology

16 Oct 2018

The main limitation of drug discovery and development research is the lack of physiologically relevant models of disease. However, with recent improvements in 3D cell culture technology, the field has increasingly adopted primary, stem, and patient-specific, cell models to better mimic human physiology. Such advancements are also facilitating novel approaches in the scale-up and manufacture of biologics, as well as in the assessment of drug candidates for metabolic and toxicological liabilities.

In this expert webinar, Dr. Richard E. Eglan, Vice President of Corning Life Sciences, will discuss the importance of 3D cell culture in discovering novel drug candidates, from screening through to development. He will also discuss how technological improvements can advance your own research in the field and will take live questions from the online audience at the end of his presentation.

Join us for the live event on Monday October 29, at 13:00 GMT/ 09:00 EDT/ 06:00 PDT/ 14:00 CET.


Key learning objectives:

  1. Understand the existing and future impacts of 3D cell culture technology on fundamental research
  2. Recognize the impacts of 3D cell culture on drug discovery and manufacture, particularly in the context of using phenotypically relevant cells
  3. Understand the potential for spheroids, organoids, scaffolds, and hydrogels in cellular research and compound identification, screening, and development