Editorial Article: Clinical Highlights: Three-Person Babies, AI for Cancer Diagnostics & Automation Advances

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12 Mar 2019

The clinical community has seen some remarkable developments over the past month. Get up to date by reading our biggest news stories on mitochondrial disease research, AI technology for cancer diagnostics, and tracking calcium flow in the heart. Improve your methods by downloading our most popular application notes and watch our latest video interview to hear about the importance of mass spectrometry for biomedical research. Looking to buy automated technology for your clinical lab? Download our eBook to guide your purchasing decisions.


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Genetic editing is significantly advancing mitochondrial disease research

Advancing Mitochondrial Disease Research

Discover which technologies are advancing research into rare mitochondrial disease and have enabled researchers to carry out groundbreaking genetic editing to create three-person babies, in an attempt to eliminate mitochrondrial genetic disorders in infants.

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AI Increases Diagnostic Rates in Ovarian Cancer Patients

Find out about the revolutionary new artificial intelligence technology that has been able to predict the prognosis and most effective treatments for patients with ovarian cancer more accurately than current methods, paving the way for personalized medicine.

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image of tracking heart beat
Scientists are able to visualize calcium flow that makes the heart beat

Oxford University Scientists Catch Heartbeat ‘Molecular Switch’ in Action

Learn how Oxford University researchers have been able to visualize the flow of calcium that makes the heartbeat, by utilizing a protein originally found in marine corals. The technique has been used to identify genetic mutations that contribute to a heart disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

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Top Downloadable Content

Choose the Best Automated Technology for Your Clinical Lab

Considering investing in automated equipment for your clinical lab? Check out these top tips from leading industry experts and important pre-purchase considerations to help you choose the best solution for your lab.  

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How to Streamline Your Antibody Discovery Workflow

Discover how ModiQuest Research, a company specializing in the generation of monoclonal antibodies against difficult target antigens, streamlines its antibody discovery and development by using one intelligent piece of technology – the Intellicyt® iQue Screener.

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How to Rapidly Monitor Immune System Responses with Novel Hematological Parameters

Find out how hematological inflammation parameters obtained from a routine blood count on Sysmex’s XN-Series analyzers can provide quantitative information about the inflammatory reaction of the patient’s immune system.

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Screenshot of interview with professor R. Stokes Peebles
Professor of Medicine Dr. R. Stokes Peebles, of Vanderbilt University, highlights the importance of mass spec

Watch Our Latest Video Interview

The Impact of Mass Spectrometry on Biomedical Research

Hear from the biomedical experts at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to understand how mass spectrometry impacts biomedical research by providing analytical rigor not achievable with immunoaffinity technologies.

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