Editorial Article: 5 top cannabis testing resources & a 'Wild West' story

Catch up on some of the latest innovations driving cannabis research forward - plus, a first-hand account from a U.S. diagnostic testing lab

17 Apr 2020

Latest in Cannabis Testing


In the rapidly changing cannabis industry, new regulations, methods, and laboratory products are emerging all the time.  In this compilation, we pull together a range of resources to help you stay on top of the latest developments in the field. We take a look at how U.S. companies are ensuring product safety for medicinal cannabis; cutting-edge technology for optimizing botanical extraction and processing; new approaches to terpene characterization; technical comparisons of cannabinoid analysis techniques; and more.

Patient safety in medical cannabis products

Quality assurance in the 'wild west' of medical cannabis

Learn how a diagnostic testing company in the U.S. is meeting the increasing demand for patient safety in medical cannabis products, using Sartorius' innovative technology. Download here>>


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Master temperature control for cannabinoid processing

This application note from Huber provides an in-depth guide on temperature control for botanical extraction and processing, with specific reference to cannabinoid isolation processes. Download here>>


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Corrosion-resistant pumps for your sample preparation

Speed up your extraction process with VACUUBRAND® oil-free vacuum pumps from BrandTech® Scientific. Featuring chemically resistant diaphragm technology. Download here>>


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Terpene profiling using GC & GCxGC with TOFMS

In this application eBook, LECO presents a novel analytical approach for the effective characterization of terpenes in different cannabis strains. Download here>>


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Precision homogenization for improved sample analysis

Homogenization of cannabis samples is critical for proper testing, analysis, and the creation of shelf-stable emulsions. Download this eBook guide from PRO Scientific for top tips and FAQs. Download here>>


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Compare instrumentation for cannabinoid analysis

This technical report from Shimadzu explores the various techniques available for conducting analysis of both terpenes and cannabinoids, including example studies for comparison. Download here>>


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Hear from the cannabis experts:

Discover the latest interviews with leading scientists in cannabis research below:

  • How to meet the strict requirements for edibles analysis: Dr. Rob O’Brien, CEO and CSO of Supra Research and Development, gives insight into the current regulatory challenges and breakthrough methods for cannabis testing in chocolate for the Canadian market.  Watch the interview >>
  • Solvent extraction and GC analysis of pesticides: In this video, scientists from Restek explain a simple workflow for the accurate analysis of pesticides in cannabis products by means of solvent extraction and GC analysis. Watch the interview >>
  • Meet the scientists determined to relieve the pain points of cannabis testing: As the possibility of federal legalization looms in the U.S., hear how Restek is approaching cannabis for 2020 and working with its customers to advance the field of cannabis testing as a whole. Read the article >>


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