Editorial Article: ‘The opportunities in science are limitless – why not join us?’

The SelectScience team connects remotely from home to discuss how the world has changed and why working in science is such a privilege

12 Aug 2020

SelectScience is looking for more great people to join the team

All of us have been affected by the pandemic. 

But here at SelectScience, we’ve felt hugely privileged to be part of the scientific community that’s at the very forefront of tackling today’s unique challenges and building a healthier future. 

Like many around the world, the team has been working remotely for months, but as a completely digital business, in some ways the enforced changes have felt like natural evolution.

We’ve stayed connected not just with each other through regular webchats – as well as virtual fitness sessions and a popular Friday afternoon virtual pub - but with scientists and scientific manufacturers globally.

As COVID-19 forced the cancellation or postponement of key events in the SelectScience calendar, we launched a series of Virtual Summits to support the industry through these turbulent times.

We’re running more webinars, sending more emails, and producing more technical eBooks to help ensure effective scientific communication continues at this critical time. As a voice for scientists, we’ve also been interviewing researchers around the world via remote video platforms and publishing more lab product reviews than ever. 

It’s been an absolute whirlwind as our membership of scientists worldwide has soared to record highs.

To continue this pioneering work in digital science communication, our business is growing and we’re looking for like-minded people to join the team, with some fantastic roles available in sales, marketing and editorial.

Check out this short team video for a flavor of life at SelectScience in this changing world—can you picture yourself joining the team?



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