Editorial Article: ‘Science is a field entirely based on curiosity’

Assistant professor and materials scientist Dr. Abhay Dasadia shares his passion for sharing knowledge in this week’s Reviewer in the Spotlight

11 Mar 2021

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Abhay Dasadia

Dr. Abhay Dasadia is an assistant professor at India's A D Patel Institute of Technology

Lab product reviews can change the world by helping other scientists find the best equipment to accelerate their vital work. Here at SelectScience®, we are dedicated to promoting peer-to-peer communication that will make the difference - but we couldn't do it without our esteemed reviewers. In this regular new feature, we put the spotlight on some of our most dedicated and impactful reviewers and find out what inspires them to keep sharing their knowledge with the global scientific community. 

This week’s Reviewer in the Spotlight is Dr. Abhay Dasadia, assistant professor at India’s A D Patel Institute of Technology, who has shared his expertise and experience through multiple reviews on SelectScience. Here, Dasadia reveals how collaborating with other scientists around the world has helped him gain a better understanding in his work as a professor and a materials scientist.

Tell us about your role and your current research

I did my Ph.D. in crystal growth and characterizations at the department of physics, Sardar Patel University. I am an experienced assistant professor and researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education institute A. D. Patel Institute of Technology. I have experimental skills in semiconductors, transition metal chalcogenides, Raman spectroscopy, Hall effect, high-pressure, X-ray diffraction, UV-Vis spectroscopy, nanoparticles and thin-films development. My work is focused on defect determination in diamond-like materials for their surface optimization grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). These materials have potential applications in diamond cutting tools, bionic eyes and microelectronics. 

What inspired you to get into the world of science?

Science is a field entirely based on curiosity. Science at its basic core is a framework of processes to observe everything with a goal of understanding how it works. I am very curious to understand nature at its microscopic and macroscopic levels. The universal quote ‘nature loves symmetry’ attracts me greatly towards science as I have many experiences of it. 

Why is communication vital in science? 

Scientists communicate their science effectively and the world consumes it rapidly. However, there seems to be a gap between the two parties — communicating science well so it is understood. This communication gap is easy to see in many current public debates involving developments in materials, the climate crisis, vaccination, etc. So, I think effective communication through various platforms plays a vital role in science. 

Abhay Dasadia

Abhay's work is focused on defect determination in diamond-like materials

Why do you think lab equipment reviews are important?

Lab equipment reviews from proven scientists and engineers are expected to result in better, bigger, and more reliable primary studies, which hopefully will support the diffusion of new technologies with scientifically proven efficacy and effectiveness in the future. 
By reading the reviews on SelectScience, I came to know about the various options I had when purchasing equipment with a project grant. SelectScience provides a platform for knowledge transfer in the form of unbiased, fully moderated laboratory product reviews, enabling me to make informed decisions about my purchases. We can also collaborate with various laboratories across the world where instruments are available with the latest features. All these features are greatly projected in SelectScience reviews, for better understanding. 

What is your favorite piece of lab equipment? 

The equipment from which I get the most reliable data is the Bruker D8 ADVANCE diffractometer. 

Abhay Review

What would you like to achieve in your work? 

I would like to continue to gain additional skills by collaborating with eminent scientists from around the world and continue my research and development involvement with a variety of professional associations. I am also passionate about teaching and learning processes as I am involved in them. Passion is a significant factor that can contribute to student achievement. Passionate teachers who are strongly committed to their work can make a positive difference. I would like to build my strong career as a professor and materials scientist, which is essentially hope-filled endeavors that can improve people's lives and result in knowledge that all people can share.  

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