Editorial Article: Why this cell counter is earning rave reviews from across the scientific spectrum

Scientists define the benefits of the award-winning LUNA-FL from Logos Biosystems and reveal how this dual fluorescence cell counter has helped advance their work

03 Dec 2019

Scientists have been sharing their thoughts on a cell counter considered one of the world’s 0.1% top-rated lab products. Last month, the LUNA-FL™ Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter by Logos Biosystems was recognized with a Gold Seal of Quality by SelectScience®. The award recognizes lab products that have consistently received multiple positive reviews from customers on the SelectScience website and is intended to assist scientists in making important purchasing decisions. Here, we take a look at just some of the ways that scientists have been using the technology—and why they love it so much.

Designed to provide accurate cell count and viability data at an affordable price — the LUNA-FL™ from Logos Biosystems

So, what are scientists saying about the LUNA-FL Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter?


This instrument has been indispensable for our single-cell RNA-Seq sample prep process


Gabrielle Cannon, Research Specialist, UNC School of Medicine, USA, uses the LUNA-FL as the dual fluorescence counting has greatly improved accuracy and reliability. In a review written for SelectScience, Cannon explains how she loves being able to digitally archive the images/count reports for later reference and finds the instrument controls to be intuitive, allowing for manual focusing of the cell images. The Luna-FL was also the most affordable instrument that met her needs and the after-sales service impressed too. 


The cell counter is very convenient to use, accurate and fast


Cecile Conrad, Lab Engineer, Institut Curie, France, uses the LUNA-FL to distinguish primary cells such as peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), dendritic cells (DC) from debris. The lab uses the cell sorter because it’s not limited by cell type or size and is reasonably priced. 


Since the late 1990s, Logos Biosystems has produced a series of image-based automated cell counters to provide accurate cell number and viability data. These cell counters use light microscopy and computer-based image analysis software. Instead of counting manually with the human eye, magnified cell images are automatically captured by a digital camera and transported to the computer where various software algorithms are used to accurately find cells and discriminate against noncellular objects such as cell debris. Now it is one of just 11 lab products worldwide to attain a Gold Seal of Quality or higher.


The Luna-FL is extremely user-friendly and easy to switch from brightfield to fluorescence to GFP


Kathy Evans, Duke University School of Medicine - Oncology, USA, uses the Luna-FL in her research lab for in vitro and in vivo immunological studies. Reusable slides make this instrument cost-effective for her lab. Its small size means it takes up very little bench space and fits in their tissue culture room where space is a premium. The ability to demo the Luna instruments for as long as needed was a must for Evans and Logos allowed her the time and support to test all counting methods completely.


The LUNA-FL Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter consistently produces fast and reliable results


Regina Wulff, lab manager, Weill Cornell Medicine, USA, uses the LUNA-FL as the counts and viabilities it provides are consistent with values provided by flow cytometry. She finds it remarkably easy to operate, care for, and maintain in comparison to similar products on the market.


The LUNA-FL Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter has impressed scientists with its four separate counting modes. Equipped with brightfield and dual fluorescence optics, it allows for the sensitive detection of most cell types. It has the capacity to distinguish primary cells from undesirable debris for accurate cell count and viability results. Brightfield cell counting, fluorescence cell counting, yeast cell counting, and GFP transfection assays can all be performed by the LUNA-FL, which can sit comfortably in a cell culture hood or on your benchtop. 


Wide detection range and availability of reusable slides are an advantage of the LUNA-FL


Dr. Tadeusz Karcz, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, USA, uses the LUNA-FL for the analysis of cells in animal tissue preparations. Acridine orange/propidium iodide dual staining is particularly beneficial for their evaluation of samples contaminated with red blood cells. 


Coming soon: Early next year, Logos Biosystems will launch the newest member of the LUNA™ family, designed to build on the success of its predecessors: the LUNA-FX7™ Automated Cell Counter.

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