Editorial Article: Trends in Drug Discovery: Antibody Engineering, Protective Antibody Treatments, Streamlining Antibody Discovery & More!

Find all the latest developments in antibody engineering and June’s top content from our drug discovery community

28 Jun 2019

This past month, we have featured some particularly exciting developments in antibody engineering, discovery and treatments. Here, we bring you all the latest news, techniques and technological developments from our Drug Discovery community, from high-speed phage-display technology to protective antibodies against viral outbreaks, to streamlining antibody discovery. Plus, as the month draws to a close, our editors are covering all the biggest technologies stories breaking at SLAS Europe 2019 in Barcelona.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Antibody Engineering

Discover the latest techniques and technologies advancing antibody engineering in our new special feature and meet the scientist using high-speed phage-display technology to bridge the gap between biomarker discovery and antibody development and meet the increasing demand for new recombinant antibodies.

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Pandemic Prevention

In a concerted effort to ensure effective medical countermeasures in the event of a global viral outbreak, scientists from the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center are working on developing protective antibody treatments as complements to vaccines. Find out more about their groundbreaking work in this exclusive interview.

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Streamlining Antibody Discovery

With breakthroughs in molecular engineering and antibody humanization, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are one of the fastest growing classes of biopharmaceuticals for most clinical indications. Download this application note to find out how the Intellicyt® iQue Screener platform can streamline your antibody discovery workflow.

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Understanding Protein Interactions

Understanding protein-protein interactions (PPI) and their specific functions underpins basic molecular research as well as the development of novel drugs. Download this eBook for examples of robust, reproducible protein interaction assays.

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No More Blurry Images

Fed up of blurry images when examining 3D specimens? Find out how cutting-edge Computational Clearing technology from Leica Microsystems resolves the longstanding challenge of blurry contrast when imaging thick sections.

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SLAS Europe 2019

SLAS Europe 2019, held in Barcelona between June 26-28, gives life sciences and drug discovery professionals the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in instrumentation, assays, and diagnostics through interactive scientific presentations, live demonstrations, and networking opportunities.

Technology highlights:

Peak Analysis & Automation (PAA) showcases new and improved integrated robotic systems, such as the S-LAB automated plate handler S-CEL laboratory work cells.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific showcases new generation of automated incubators, promising a robust and reliable culture solution for cell-based pharmaceutical applications.

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Keep an eye on our dedicated SLAS Europe 2019 feature page for more exciting news from the event, including exclusive video interviews with leading scientists and technology innovators.

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