Editorial Article: Trending in Clinical Diagnostics: Wearable POC Tech & New Data on Immunotherapy Resistance

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07 May 2019

Mass spec meets chemotherapy

In a collaboration between Waters and MD Anderson Cancer Center, scientists have used mass spectrometry imaging of singular chemotherapy molecules to map the spatial distribution and efficacy in tumors.




Reducing the burden on emergency departments

Ortho clinical diagnostics latest assay to receive CE approval, the VITROS High Sensitivity Troponin I Assay, could dramatically reduce turnaround time for cases of a suspected heart attack – reducing patient mortality and alleviating the burden on emergency departments.




The latest fashion in point of care: wearable devices

A recent study published in the journal PLOS ONE revealed how a novel, ultrasound-based wearable device could monitor the formation of thrombi in real time and provide active intervention at early-stage disease




A world’s first for digital droplet PCR technology

A ddPCR solution for oncology testing has received approval for clinical use, for the first time ever. The technology, developed by Bio-Rad, could transform the way we treat patients by enabling clinicians to monitor mutational burden in near real time, and respond to changes before the cancer progresses.




A complete guide to hematology testing technology

SelectScience editors compile the latest and greatest in clinical hematology. Discover the best automated analyzers and stainers that suit your laboratory’s needs, with top purchasing tips and expert advice, in this comprehensive downloadable guide.




'A billion people are living with infectious diseases'

When it comes to infectious disease, there is a considerable need for more accurate, treatment-guiding diagnostics to prevent spread, sepsis, and mortality. Recently receiving CE approval for its advanced diagnostic platform, Alinity™ m, Abbott Diagnostics hopes to address this shortfall and reduce the global burden of communicable diseases.



Combatting resistance to anti-PD-1 Immunotherapy

Many patients experience innate or acquired resistance to checkpoint inhibitors through largely unknown mechanisms. However, a new combination approach to therapy – developed by Syndax – could overcome histone deacetylase mediated resistance in melanoma, and potentially other solid tumors. The results reported so far are promising.




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