Editorial Article: Top new resources for greener research

The latest technologies, up-to-date methods and key case studies to help improve the sustainability of your lab

10 Aug 2020

Reducing the environmental impact of laboratories without compromising the integrity of scientific work presents both great challenges and opportunities for researchers across the globe. New techniques and innovations are evolving rapidly to encourage more eco-friendly practices by reducing energy use and waste production, increasing equipment longevity and promoting the use of recyclable materials. In this compilation of top new resources, discover how the latest cell counter eliminates the need for plastic consumables, learn about fume hood technology that saves energy and reduces running costs while maintaining safety standards, and explore the latest workstations and instruments designed to maximize energy efficiency while offering protection against contaminants. 

Reduce waste: Wipe-clean cell counting without disposable slides

Learn about DeNovix's first-ever imaging cell counter that removes the need for disposable slides, thereby reducing the waste generated from single-use consumables and plasticware, while providing accurate, reliable cell counts.


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Filtration technology: Save energy, cut costs, but maintain safety

Learn how Erlab's GreenFumeHood filtration technology met the challenges faced by Butler University, USA, to provide maximum filter life while maintaining stringent safety standards. 


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Energy saving: Safe, reliable and innovative workstations

Learn how to assemble the GuardOne® Workstation from STARLAB, a solution that ensures a clean and contaminant-free environment for sensitive applications and features the latest fan and LED lighting technology for reduced power consumption.


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Refill revolution: Introducing hygienic and ecological refilling

Find out how the SingleRefill System from SARSTEDT AG & Co. KG enables filter tips to be easily and economically refilled, with a mitigated risk of contamination, while saving energy and resources. 


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Science sustainability: Embrace greener laboratory practices

In this poster, Biotix explores the common waste-management challenges that laboratories face and highlights the ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle laboratory products to make your research greener.


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Award Winners: Top technologies advancing life sciences

The 2020 Scientists’ Choice Awards for Life Sciences held at our recent Virtual Summit saw big wins for products driving sustainability and reduced environmental impact in the lab. Find out more in this article.


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Other resources for green labs:

  • Best practices for using ultra-low freezers to green up your lab: In this application note, B Medical Systems highlights some of the best practices for using ultra-low freezers sustainably, and details how its ultra-low freezers are designed to help you conduct energy-efficient operations and reduce CO2 emissions. Download Paper>>
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