Editorial Article: Tools to create a faster, smarter, and more efficient lab

Tips to save laboratory time, resources, and funds, without sacrificing the quality of your work

22 Feb 2021

With budgets under constant pressure and time a priceless commodity, there is not much higher on a laboratory’s agenda than efficient working. As well as enhanced productivity and a more rapid turnaround of actionable results, an increase in efficiency frees up lab resources and scientists’ time and energy to focus on more of the things that really matter.

The key to achieving optimum lab efficiency lies in working smarter, not harder. The theory is all well and good, but what practical steps can you take? For any business, of course, the individual team members play a key role, but just as important is finding them the best tools to work with, especially when it comes to running a complex lab, housing a variety of instruments, materials, and hazardous chemicals.

The quest for high-quality results at lower costs

Maximum efficiency in the lab can be made possible by matching the necessary expertise with the correct resources. Selecting the most suitable labware not only helps scientists minimize the amount of time and energy they must spend on each task, but also helps them achieve more economical results.
Starlab is committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality consumables to help labs run more efficiently than ever before, for example, by providing high-quality pipette tips and PRC tubes, along with reusable tip refill systems and racking systems. 

Would any of these products make a difference in your lab?


TipOne refill system
TipOne® Sterile Tip Refill System & Combi Racks

TipOne® Sterile Tip Refill System & Combi Racks

One step to reduced costs and increased efficiency could come with the TipOne® Sterile Refill System, designed to fulfill all the requirements of labs that use high-purity tips or filter tips. 

Racked tips produce a large amount of waste, leading to high disposal costs. With the TipOne® Sterile Refill System, you can reuse the tip racks again and again to cut costs and plastic waste. Also, take a look at how the versatile polypropylene Combi Racks could help your lab operate even more effectively. The autoclavable Combi Racks provide high chemical resistance and can be used at temperatures between -90℃ to 121℃, making them ideal for use in the hood. 


"Perfect, useful and recyclable system." Dr. Stephane Fraichard, CSGA



pipette tips
TipOne® Pipette Tips

TipOne® Pipette Tips

Improve your daily pipetting rituals with the reusable, refillable and recyclable TipOne® Pipette Tips from Starlab. The tips have been carefully engineered to fit any popular pipette whilst also benefiting the environment. TipOne® tips are manufactured from high-quality molds which result in an extremely smooth surface to reduce sample retention. 


"The refill system saves a lot of plastic waste. This is a big selling point, especially nowadays. Easy to use." Anke Salzer, IMB





PCR tube
Starlab's PCR tubes 

PCR Tubes

Improve your PCR processes using PCR tubes from Starlab, which provide an optimal seal to minimize fluid loss through evaporation. The positive click on closing gives assurance the tubes are fully closed and the convenient resealable bags provide clean storage to reduce waste. 


"I really recommend this product because of the good quality, ease of use and cost consistent with the investment." Paula Calabria, Butantan Institute


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