Editorial Article: Special Feature: 5 Technologies Advancing the Development of Engineered Antibodies

High-throughput screening, antibody labeling, bispecific studies and more

20 Jun 2019

Advances in protein and genetic engineering have paved the way for the development of more targeted therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies. Our Engineered Antibodies feature highlights some of the latest technologies that are helping to drive the discovery, analysis and optimization of these proteins.

Antibody Characterization: Meeting the Demand for New Recombinant Antibodies

Read the SelectScience interview with Bio-Rad scientist, Andre ten Haaf

Scientist Andre ten Haaf shares how phage display technology enables the generation of highly specific, monoclonal antibodies in as little as eight weeks, and why ForteBio's Octet Red384 high-throughput screening system is essential to this process.  Learn more in this interview with scientist, Andre ten Haaf.


Custom Antibodies: Discover the Technology Behind Bio-Rad's Recombinant Antibodies

Take a look inside Bio-Rad's custom antibody facility

See inside Bio-Rad's custom antibody facility and learn from experts about how your requirements for specialized custom antibodies can become a reality through the use of HuCAL® technology. Watch the video or download the aplication note to learn how the technology can benefit your work.

Directly Label Antibodies to Enzymes, Small Molecules and Fluorescent Dyes

Find out how Expedeon's direct labeling technology can streamline your workflow

Streamline your immunoassay protocol with Expedeon's proprietary Lightning-Link® technology, designed for direct labeling of antibodies to improve conjugate yield, decrease antibody loss and eliminate assay variability. Watch the video and read the article to learn more.

Bispecific Antibodies: Fully Murine Bispecific Antibodies to Advance Drug Development

The different types of bispecific and trispecific antibody constructs

Learn about Absolute Antibody’s new mouse bispecific antibody reagents in this scientific poster. The fully murine knob-into-hole recombinant antibodies facilitate bispecific studies in mouse models. Download the application note learn more about this technology.


Accelerating Nanobody Discovery Workflows with High-Throughput Flow Cytometry

Watch the webinar with Pieter Kennis
Associate Scientist High Throughput Profiling Unit, Ablynx

While antibodies are set to be increasingly important as therapeutic options for cancer and other diseases, the discovery of fully functional antibodies that lack light chains in Camelidae has opened the door to an exciting new generation of therapeutic antibodies known as nanobodies. In a recent SelectScience webinar, we looked at these small, unique proteins and the use of the MultiCyt cell encoder kits to label 2-4 different cell populations in a single fluorescent channel for the analysis of multiple cell lines simultaneously. Through multiplexing of primary screening assays and semi-automated dose-response binding data analysis, we explore antibody binding using the Intellicyt® iQue Screener to accelerate lead identification. Watch the webinar on demand.


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