Editorial Article: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics: Advances in Hematology, Hemostasis, and Drug Testing Introduced at AACC 2015

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics introduced state-of-the-art hematology analyzers available to clinical laboratories

19 Oct 2015

Kerstin Wagner, VP Marketing, HHS Business Unit, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics reveals the latest in hematology analyzers


At AACC 2015, Kerstin Wagner, VP Marketing, HHS Business Unit, introduced SelectScience® to some new members of the hematology family. Siemens hematology systems provide accurate, first-pass results for laboratory hematology testing. Utilizing these systems, laboratories can achieve optimum patient management, streamlined workflow and greater productivity without large, track-based systems, expensive stains or reflex testing.

Among the systems showcased at AACC were the ADVIA 360, 560 and 560 AL Hematology Systems. These compact and reliable instruments are ideal for satellite or low volume labs, saving space while maximizing efficiency. "We are bringing clinical excellence to [the] clinical laboratory with intuitive operation, comprehensive analysis and automated cleaning functions to maintain accuracy," explained Kerstin. The ADVIA 560 AL System has the flexibility to add an autoloader to meet the needs of the rapidly changing laboratory environment.

There were also innovations on display for high volume laboratories. The ADVIA 2120i System streamlines your analytical process by eliminating as many manual steps as possible to offer accurate and consistent results across a range of parameters. It works in tandem with an improved new version of the company’s data management system, CentraLink™, Data Management System, allowing for automated and fully customizable workflows. CentraLink Data Management System helps across the sample and patient processing and validation workflow by integrating automation, systems and IT, presenting the information at your fingertips.

Elsewhere, Siemens aims to reduce the 70% of hemostasis lab errors, occurring due to pre-analytical sample quality, with the novel Preanalytical Sample Integrity (PSI) check on all Sysmex® CS series analyzers. PSI ― brought to the market as a result of Siemens' 20-year partnership with Sysmex ― utilizes multi-wavelength technologies and helps manage unsuitable samples prior to analysis.

Siemens has also recently introduced Methotrexate and Synthetic Cannabinoid drug-testing assays to their broad portfolio of tests. Siemens now offers the only liquid Methotrexate assay that meets the sensitivity needs of customers in an easy to use and simple to integrate format. The new Synthetic Cannabinoid assays can detect a large variety of compounds and are available as liquid, ready-to-use assays. The news assays are available for use on the Viva® family of drug-testing systems.  


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