Editorial Article: Scientists Review Titertek-Berthold Crocodile ELISA miniWorkstations

Find out leading scientists' verdict of this automated ELISA workstation

14 Dec 2017

Titertek-Berthold, now part of Berthold Technologies, specializes in high-performance bench-top instruments for life science laboratories. Rooted from two companies - Titertek Instruments Inc., which became famous for its precision, microliter-range liquid handling products, and Berthold Detection Systems, which established the most complete range of luminometers for single sample formats and microplates - Titertek-Berthold aims to provide reliable and easy-to-use products for academic, biotech and diagnostic communities. Read on to discover what leading scientists think of the Titertek-Berthold Crocodile ELISA miniWorkstations.

Titertek-Berthold's Crocodile ELISA miniWorkstations are automated microplate assay systems designed to reduce ELISA/EIA assay times by combining multiple functions into one instrument. Including a dispenser system, shaker, incubator, washer and reader (5-in-one-version) and a 96-well microplate, this bench-top instrument has been designed specifically with ease-of-use in mind.

Read on to discover what scientists around the world are saying about this new technology and how you too could benefit from its automated workflow.


Andrew Woodhead, of Invitron, uses the Crocodile ELISA miniWorkstation for ELISA automation.

Aside from the obvious benefits of hands-free operation, we find that day-to-day reproducibility is better with the Crocodile than with manual assays. In particular, we find it very useful for assays that require critical timing and/or temperature control. We also regularly just use the plate reader functionality to take advantage of the interface with Microwin for data interpolation.

Andrew Woodhead

Invitron, UK


Augusto Etchegaray, of the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (PUC), Brazil, uses the technology for quantification of plasma proteins in plasma.

In our experience, the Crocodile reader from Berthold systems is robust equipment, which we fully recommend due to its integrated wash and reader facilities that are easy to use and represent good quality for money. It has enabled high-quality results in peptide quantification and enzyme activity measurements as well as antimicrobial assays. In addition to the equipment's performance, we have excellent after-care in a friendly environment that attends specific personal needs.

Augusto Etchegaray

PUC, Brazil


Simona Marc Zarcula, of USAMVB Timisoara, Romania, uses the Crocodile ELISA miniWorkstation to determine blood parameters from animal samples.

This product is effective for our research because Crocodile is an automated analyzer, so the human errors like pipetting the reagents is minimum, also it is a time saver. Regarding after-sales care, until now, because we have had it for about 1 year, we are satisfied. The personal from sale care is very prompt. From a research point of view, I think the value for money is good.

Simona Marc Zarcula

USAMVB, Romania


Read about the use of the Crocodile ELISA miniWorkstation for automation of the MaxSignal Aflatoxin M1 ELISA Test kit in this application note.


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