Editorial Article: PepTalk: The Protein Science Week Preview

11 Nov 2014

PepTalk: The Protein Science Week is one of the largest gatherings of protein science researchers in the United States, and it brings together some of the most influential people in the field.

Held January 19-23 2015, PepTalk: The Protein Science Week offers an array of education, innovation and networking programs. More than 300 high-caliber speakers will share case studies, unpublished data, breakthroughs and solutions that support and enhance your research. Ample networking opportunities allow you to connect with colleagues and peers from around the world and gain new perspectives on the evolution of biologics.

Highlights of the week include pipeline sessions on protein engineering, antibody therapeutics, protein formulation/stability, protein expression and analytical solutions. Speakers in these sessions include: Dr Yasmina Abdiche, from the BioSensor Group at Pfizer, which uses complementary technologies including GE Healthcare’s Biacore, ProteOn from Bio-Rad, and Octet Red and Octet® HTX Systems, in addition to automated ELISA to support multiple research projects at all stages of development; Professor Mark M. Banaszak Holl, University of Michigan, who is active in the development of polymer-based vectors for use a drug and gene delivery agents as well as imaging agents; Dr Jennifer R. Cochran, Stanford University, on protein therapeutics engineering; and Professor John F. Carpenter on the formulation of therapeutic proteins. The plenary keynote speaker is Dr John R. Yates, from The Scripps Institute, who will be talking about advanced proteomic methods to understand depression.

Summary of PepTalk 2015 event features:
• 1,200 participants, including scientists, regulators and solution providers
• 20 conferences on antibodies, formulation, expression, analytics, purification and more
• 13 short courses
• 325+ presentations
• 80+ buzZ session discussion roundtables
• 100+ exhibitors
• 125+ posters