Editorial Article: Minimizing Spread of Infectious Disease in a Point-of-Care Hospital

How biological safety cabinets provide safety, durability and reliability for the medical treatment setting

28 Mar 2017

Learn how the design of your biological safety cabinet can help reduce contamination of clinical laboratory personnel  


With patients being diagnosed and treated for infectious diseases at hospitals or medical centers, it is important that all possible precautions are taken to minimize the risk of contamination or exposure to clinical laboratory personnel. One way in which laboratories can help to control this risk is through optimized and reliable laboratory equipment, including biological safety cabinets.

NuAire, Inc., has developed a range of biological safety cabinets to meet the needs of the point-of-care laboratory. The company’s LabGard biological safety cabinets can fit industry standard clinical analyzers and are built to minimize personnel exposure to infectious pathogens. Offered as fixed or mobile units, Nuaire’s biological safety cabinets can be built to your specification, come with an electronic cabinet control system, HEPA filtration to trap and strain out harmful bacteria and viruses, and the option to incorporate features such as ultraviolet light for added disinfection of the cabinet interior.

NuAire’s field technicians are also available worldwide to address any repairs or maintenance you may seek, a service which has been highlighted in the SelectScience® review below about the LabGard ES NU-440 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet.


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