Editorial Article: Meet the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Executives

Discover the latest clinical laboratory and point-of-care solutions from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

15 Oct 2015

Siemens demonstrated a range of products at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, USA, July 26-30
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Siemens Healthcare is one of the world’s largest suppliers of medical infrastructure and is a leader in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and clinical IT.

SelectScience visited the recent AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo 2015 to bring you the latest news from this ground-breaking show. We spoke exclusively to executives from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics about the innovations they were debuting at the exhibition.

Discover the latest point-of-care (POC) management system, a complete automation solution and a new check to ensure pre-analytical sample quality. 


Ultimate automation and connectivity

Workflow IVD Solutions Premiered at AACC 2015

Franz Waltz, President, Laboratory Diagnostics, introduced the state-of-the-art automation systems available to clinical laboratories. Siemens provides some of the largest and most complex automation systems on the market. These include Aptio™ Automation, a solution that provides unlimited potential for lab optimization. Aptio™ Automation connects to a wide portfolio of Siemens analyzers, as well as the CentraLink™ Data Management System, allowing it to deliver comprehensive pre- and post-process analytics. CentraLink also facilitates auto-verification, integrated QC and specimen tracking. Aptio™ Automation connects to the new ADVIA® Chemistry XPT and ADVIA Centaur XPT automation-ready systems. These platforms connect directly to Aptio™ Automation with no external robotics. 

Watch Franz Waltz's AACC video interview


POC solutions

Point-of-Care Portfolio Displayed at AACC 2015

Peter Koerte, Head of Marketing POC, introduced the RAPIDComm Data Management System. RAPIDComm® 6.0 system now connects to all Siemens POC devices and multiple automation systems – it can even be operated using your smartphone or tablet. RAPIDComm® 6.0 system streamlines a number of actions to maintain your POC Ecosystem™ solutions: optimize your device management, ensure all operators are identified and competent, manage your quality control, improve traceability for compliance management, and efficiently troubleshoot remotely. Peter also revealed the new Xprecia Stride Coagulation Analyzer, the first analyzer to bring 30 years of Siemens hemostasis leadership to the POC, and winner of three prestigious design awards worldwide. Optimize your end-to-end workflow with the Xprecia Stride, bringing lab-quality reagents and methods to your patient care. 

Watch Peter Koerte's AACC video interview


Hematology for low and high-volume labs

Advances in Hematology, Hemostasis, and Drug Testing Showcased During AACC 2015

Kerstin Wagner, VP Marketing, HHS Business Unit, introduced some new members of the hematology and hemostatis family. The ADVIA 360, 560 and 560 AL help bring clinical excellence to satellite or low volume labs, while the ADVIA 2120i, for high volume labs, works in tandem with a new data management system, CentraLink™. CentraLink helps across the sample processing and validation workflow and is fully customizable to each laboratory's needs. Elsewhere, Siemens aims to reduce the 70% of hemostasis lab errors occurring due to pre-analytical sample quality with the novel Preanalytical Sample Integrity (PSI) check on all CS series analyzers. The PSI, brought to the market as a result of Siemens' 20-year partnership with Sysmex™, utilizes a multi-wavelength analyzer and provides scientists with the earliest notification regarding sample quality.

Watch Kerstin Wagner's video interview


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