Editorial Article: How to generate mass data quickly and unleash greater productivity in your biopharma lab

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24 Jul 2020

As the biopharmaceutical industry continues to grow and expand into new and ever more complex modalities, biopharmaceutical developers and manufacturers are in urgent need of analytical solutions that can streamline development, accelerate time-to-market and enable greater productivity. 

Mass spectrometry (MS) is arguably the most important analytical tool in the biopharma developer’s tool chest but its historic size, cost and complexity have limited its use. To address this industry dynamic, Waters has been working to make mass spectrometry instruments smaller, easier to use and more accessible to analytical scientists throughout the organization.

This SelectScience application eBook is intended as a free resource for anyone in biopharmaceutical development, manufacturing and QC who wishes to make greater use of mass data, and who seeks to accelerate time-to-market and fuel greater productivity within their respective organizations.

Download this eBook today to find more about the biopharmaceutical applications of the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector and the BioAccord system from Waters, including:

  • Increasing specificity and sensitivity in routine peptide analyses 
  • LC-UV-MS-based synthetic peptide identification and impurity profiling
  • Improving glycan profiling in process development
  • Monitoring multiple attributes in a single assay
  • Enabling routine & reproducible intact mass analysis when data integrity matters
  • An integrated peptide attribute profiling and monitoring workflow for improved productivity
  • A platform method for the molecular mass analysis of the light & heavy chains of monoclonal antibodies
  • Increasing productivity and confidence for N-linked glycan analysis of biosimilars 

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