Editorial Article: 5 Reasons Why Scientists Love Writing Lab Product Reviews on SelectScience

Discover what motivates scientists around the world to share their opinions and experiences online with SelectScience

09 Oct 2018

Do you read lab product reviews before making a purchase? We know that 96% of scientists expect to read independent reviews and unbiased testimonials before buying, so the chances are that you do.

That’s good news for us, because providing scientists with the information and resources they need to choose the best lab equipment to advance their work is the No.1 goal for all of us here at SelectScience®. One of the most successful ways we do this is by providing a platform for knowledge transfer in the form of unbiased, fully-moderated product reviews.

Peer reviews have a major influence on other people’s purchasing decisions and are also an effective way to provide manufacturers with valuable feedback to help them meet your needs as effectively as possible — but what are your reasons for leaving reviews? 

Find out below why scientists love writing reviews on SelectScience — and why not submit a product review today yourself, to help other scientists advance their research (and gain entry to our $400 Amazon.com Gift Card prize drawing).


Why review?


1. To share knowledge 


 To share information and experiences – the real purpose of scientific research.

Giovanni Crippa



 To let other scientists known about my experiences with products. We can all provide unique reports on an instrument’s performance and reliability.

Stewart Rudnicki

Harvard Medical School, USA 


Stewart Rudnicki has been an active member of the SelectScience community since 2009, providing expert reviews of a number of different technologies


2. To help others get the best from their lab equipment


 To help other scientists learn more about product functions and how best to use them.

Chris Bianca

JRF America



3.  To save money - and avoid wastage


 To share feedback to help others make the best decisions for future purchases. In today’s funding climate we must make the right choice the first time and try to prevent spending pitfalls wherever possible.

Sean Johnston

Harvard Medical School, USA



4. To help others find the right product for their application 


 To help other scientists like myself, to find relevant and suitable products for their research.

Dr. Sami Tuomivaara

University of Georgia, USA



 To help other scientists decide what instruments best suit their needs.

Martin Leitenberger

University of Hohenheim, Germany


SelectScience reviews are moderated and verified, enabling potential buyers to be certain they are seeing expert opinion.


5. To make a difference - and accelerate scientific research


 To help other scientists further their research.

Dr. Ritesh P. Bhole 

Dr D. Y. Patil Institute of Pharm Sci and Research, India 


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