Special Feature: 10 top new resources to advance your engineered antibody research

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16 Mar 2021

Engineered Antibodies Top List

As part of our new special feature, we’ve pulled together a selection of the top new resources to aid your work with engineered antibodies. Download our comprehensive guide to optimal antibody selection and application, discover the value of label-free technology for streamlined drug discovery workflows, explore the development of next-generation antibodies, and much more.

Transform your immunoassay: Choose the right antibody for you

In this interview, Dr. Christian Frisch, R&D manager at Bio-Rad Laboratories, explains how to design a reliable assay and reveals how Bio-Rad and Sartorius teamed up to help scientists achieve peak immunoassay performance. 


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How miniaturized immunoassays are advancing therapeutic development

In this interview, Mark Dysinger, developmental scientist at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, tells The Scientists' Channel how miniaturized immunoassays can be used to overcome the challenges of traditional ligand-binding assays for the analysis of specialized therapeutics. 


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Best practices for antibody selection & application 

In this application eBook, we present the important factors to consider when choosing your antibodies and recommend the best practices for antibody-based applications to ensure accurate, reliable and reproducible data.


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Evaluating therapeutic antibodies: Quantification of ADCP using advanced flow cytometry

In this on-demand webinar, Kirsty McBain, associate scientist at Sartorius, shares how to utilize advanced flow cytometry to robustly quantify antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis (ADCP) and rank monoclonal antibodies for the development of novel therapeutics.


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How are label-free technologies used in early drug discovery? 

While traditional biochemical analysis methods such as ELISA and western blots are still used in drug discovery, more and more scientists are adapting label-free analytical techniques in their workflows. In this application note, Sartorius outlines how bio-layer interferometry (BLI) technology is designed to enable rapid screening, selection, and optimization of therapeutic drug candidates.


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More resources for engineered antibodies research:

  • A multi-tier mass spectrometry platform for in vivo monitoring of a bispecific antibody: A presentation by Dr. John Kellie, GSK Fellow in bioanalysis, immunogenicity and biomarkers group, from the SelectScience® Virtual Analytical Summit 2021. Watch video>>
  • Synthesis and characterization of antibody-drug conjugates: A presentation by Dr. Jamie Stokes, Principal Research Scientist, Concept Life Sciences, from the SelectScience® Virtual Biopharmaceutical Summit 2020. Watch video>>
  • Let's kill some cells with antibodies! Learn about antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) and how antibodies fight cancers and infections. Watch video>>
  • The periodic table of antibodies: In this chart, Absolute Antibody presents all the (100+) different engineered antibody formats it has generated utilizing innovative products and technologies for antibody discovery and development from Sartorius. Download poster>>
  • The roles of antibody testing and vaccines: This infographic presents how to better understand the role antibodies play in combating the SARS-CoV-2 virus and how antibody rapid tests can be deployed across populations to inform vaccination programs. Download infographic>>
  • In the eye of the cytokine storm: High-grade antibodies, proteins and ELISAs: In this application note, Leinco Technologies provides tools for researchers to investigate and discover critical new information on COVID-19 and cytokine storm detection and prevention. Download technical note>>

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