Viaflo’s Vision® and Voyager® Electronic Pipettors Provide Practical Solutions for Every Laboratory

14 Apr 2009
Samantha Rosoman
Campaign Coordinator

VISION Pipettors:
Fast, friendly, affordable and effortless are the words being used to describe the most advanced pipettors launched in the last five years. The Viaflo family of single, and multi-channel electronic pipettes provide researchers with some very real benefits. Launched in November 2007 Viaflo’s Vision, air displacement pipettors come in single, eight, twelve and sixteen channel configurations and are the first to feature a unique touch wheel controller for intuitive programming and the industry’s fastest volume selection. Additional Vision ‘firsts’ include a large customizable, multi-color display, Bluetooth PC connectivity, and function specific, multi-language help menus. Vision pipettors also feature a long life rechargeable lithium-ion battery, unsurpassed ergonomic well balanced design.
But wait… the story gets better!

VOYAGER Expandable Spacing Pipettors open more possibilities…
In the fall of 2008 Viaflo announced to the world its’ Voyager pipettors. Available in either eight or twelve channel configurations Voyager™ electronic pipettors feature a revolutionary mechanism that alters tip spacing at the press of a button. A small motor in the instruments ‘lower-end’ moves the center-to-center tip spacing quickly and smoothly at any point in a protocol, all with one handed operation. Users can preset two or three user definable tip spacings to accommodate almost any labware vessels. Tip spacing adjustments from 4.5mm to 14.0mm are possible with the 12.5uL and 125uL models and 9.0mm to 14.0mm with the 300ul and 1250uL models. All Voyager pipettors share the same easy-to-use Touch Wheel™ controller from the award winning Vision® pipettors. A total of six Voyager models are available, four different 8-channel models accommodate volumes from 0.5uL to 1250uL and two 12-channel models for volumes ranging from 0.5uL to 125uL.

GripTips™ provide a very practical solution:
Uniquely designed for Vision and Voyager pipettors, Viaflo’s GripTips™ provide an optimal tip attachment solution for many researchers seeking maximum tip stability (tips will not fall off during pipetting) while minimizing attachment and ejection forces. Viaflo pipettors combined with GripTips deliver the perfect seal every time with uniformly light tip attachment and ejection regardless of the number of channels used making our pipettors more robust, reliable and simpler to use than any other competitive brands.

For more information on Vision and Voyager pipettors or any of Viaflo’s other innovative liquid handling products please visit the company article webpage.