Translate Neuroscience Discovers into Therapeutics: Join Sigma-Aldrich at Neuroscience 2014

3 Nov 2014
Sarah Thomas
Associate Editor

Join Sigma-Aldrich at the Society for Neuroscience 44th Annual Meeting (Booth 1223) to discover solutions for drug discovery research, from target identification and validation through clinical trials. The company’s comprehensive offering will strengthen and support your neuroscience research by ensuring greater accuracy, reproducibility and confidence.

Highlighted Solutions:
Sigma CRISPR – RNA-guided genome editing
CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nuclease Technology – Genome editing
Small Molecule Drug-like Compounds – Modulate protein targets
Prestige Antibodies – Most characterized antibodies commercially available
GE Life Sciences Consumables – Now available from Sigma-Aldrich

Exclusive In-Booth Events:

Sunday, November 16 11:00 AM
Monday, November 17 11:00 AM
Tuesday, November 18 11:00 AM

The CRISPR Craze continues to take the research world by storm. This two-part session will include a brief introduction on the mechanism of how type II CRISPR/Cas9 site-specific nuclease target specific DNA sequences and how it is applied for genome editing. The current Sigma products, including WT Cas9, paired Cas9 nickases, mRNA for transgenic work, CRISPR controls and lentiviral CRISPRs are described.

The next session will describe techniques to create and validate genetically modified cell lines. Also, a case study is presented on how the paired Cas9 nickases can increase specificity and reduce off-targets. Similar to Sigma’s CompoZr ZFNs, the paired nickase approach increases the target site length by using paired gRNAs. Finally, more details on lentiviral CRISPRs for knocking out genes to screen compounds and pathways is provided.

Principles and Advances in Quantitative Western Blotting
Over the past decade, improved detection methods and software have brought quantitative analysis to Western Blotting. Sigma-Aldrich and GE Life Sciences partner for this presentation to guide and inspire beginners and experts toward successful Western Blotting results. We will take you through the Western blotting workflow and show examples of typical applications as well as new approaches to help you improve your methods and obtain better quantitative data. Monday, November 17 at 3:00 PM

Plus, test your neuroscience knowledge with Sigma’s Neuroscience Trivia Bowl - the winner of each round will win a Gift Bag full of goodies!