Therapeutic applications of oligonucleotides

Explore LGC Biosearch Technologies’ range of bestselling CPG supports for therapeutic applications and key purchasing considerations

30 Jun 2023
Matthew Mcardle
Administrator / Office Personnel
Which solid support should you select for your oligo synthesis?

Considerations when selecting a controlled pore glass (CPG) solid support for therapeutic applications

The use of oligonucleotides in therapeutics has opened up novel treatment options for rare and fatal diseases that are often associated with proteins that cannot be targeted by traditional drugs. These therapeutics involve the use of artificially synthesized oligonucleotides to influence gene expression by either inhibiting, replacing, adding, or editing DNA or RNA in the desired cells.

Various types of oligo therapeutics are being developed, including small interfering RNA (siRNA), antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs), aptamers and CRISPR. Custom oligonucleotide sequences can also be generated for individual patients, with potential for precision and personalized medicine.

Choosing the right solid support is essential for the synthesis of high-quality therapeutic-grade oligos. When selecting a controlled pore glass (CPG) solid support for therapeutic applications, the particle size and shape, pore size, pore volume and specific surface area can directly influence the solution exchange behavior, ligand loading and distribution and reaction kinetics, affecting the efficiency, purity, and reproducibility of oligo synthesis.

Engineered for optimal consumer safety, CPG from LGC Biosearch Technologies is a gold-standard solid support used in all sectors of the therapeutics market. Its collaborative process and customer co-creation ethic enables manufacturing of solid supports that are optimized for the synthesis of the latest therapeutic oligo classes including: siRNA, LNA, Delivery enhancing lipid ligands, and Single-guide RNA (sgRNA) for CRISPR applications.

*Please note LGC Biosearch Technologies does not currently have a solid support that truly fits an ASO application, but would be happy to develop a customized solution if you get in touch and tell them about your requirements.

To simplify the selection process for your application and help direct you towards the right CPG from the list below use our guided solid support finder >>

 dR-GalNAc (Alpha) CPG

Dual-Labeled BHQ Probes

Deliver oligonucleotides to hepatic cells by targeting asialoglycoprotein receptors (ASGPR) with N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) conjugates. Choose a GalNAc solid support with two different pore size options and a dR spacer for incorporating GalNAc at the 3′ end of an oligo.

Learn more Buy now 3′-Cholesterol CPG

BHQplus Probes

Choose a CPG for incorporating cholesterol to an oligonucleotide to promote cell delivery. Includes a dR spacer.

Learn more Buy now RNA 600 Å CPG

BHQnova probes

Choose a 600 Å CPG for incorporating unmodified bases at the 3′ end of an oligo. With a pore size suitable for ≤35mers in medium to large-scale oligo synthesis.

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LNA probes

2'-F-RNA oligonucleotides adopt an A-form helix on hybridisation to a target and have a higher affinity to RNA targets. Choose from a variety of pore sizes and linkers.

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BHQnova probes

Choose a 2′-OMe CPG for nuclease resistance and an enhanced binding affinity of oligos to their target. Choose from a variety of pore sizes and linkers. Learn more Buy now Reverse synthesis CPG

KASP genotyping assay

Use reverse synthesis to options to increase nuclease resistance. Choose from a variety of pore sizes and linkers.

Learn more Buy now DNA 2000/3000 Å CPG

2000 Å CPG offers the ability to synthesise longer oligos, whilst retaining higher loading (yield) possibilities of lower pore sizes. 2000 Å CPG is typically used in CRISPR applications. 3000 Å CPG is suited to longer oligos (>80mers). With a few exceptions, it is possible to order any of the Biosearch Technologies 1000 Å products with a 3000 Å pore size on a custom basis.

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