The Best Labs Choose Leman Instruments

Leman Instruments SAS receive Air Monitoring Company of Choice award from Industrial Solutions

26 Jul 2016
Weylan Kiam-Laine

The air monitoring service provider is best known for the production and promotion of its sophisticated suite of scientific components and modules utilized for solid, liquid and gas analysis.

The leading European enterprise, which is based in Archamps Technopole, France, is a contemporary company that prides itself on its first-rate range of high technology gas generators that have been suitably developed to seamlessly slot into the majority of laboratory, air quality monitoring and industrial environments.

Although the brand was officially introduced in 2012, the forward-thinking business is based on 30 years of refined industry experience, and this familiarity and understanding is made evident with the great variety of solutions available from the group.

The Leman Instruments offer OEMs and custom designed realizations involving high purity Hydrogen (H2), Nitrogen (N2), Zero Air and combined solutions for FIDs, GCs, purge Air generations, CH4 & CO2 scrubbers, N2 and multi gas for LCMS with the incorporation of strong performance communication interfaces (RS485, Ethernet and WLAN options) and the possibility of AK protocol integration.

Sales & Business Development Manager at Leman Instruments, Alexander Berteletti, was keen to discuss the core benefits of these particular components: “Our generators are the most compact of their kind,” he began. “As well as providing maximized safety and conservationism, they have the smallest footprint on the market with the highest possible efficiency and capacity.

“They offer optimum safety as they can eliminate the risk of a chemical reaction, particularly when using hydrogen, and because we operate with strict internal quality control processes it is assured that our generators will result in proper component function.

“This is of great importance, especially since we insist that our generators are exactly what our customers are after, maintaining guaranteed levels of purity and subsequently eliminating the chance of contamination. After listening to individual requests we can develop custom solutions together with the client, tailored for specific applications at competitive prices.”

The aforementioned modules are not only easy to install, but they also run effortlessly whilst increasing the resolution and detection limits of instrumentation. The inclusion of intelligent technologies (Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) and Catalysis) ensures that the products can be controlled efficiently using a touch panel or iPad, and high pressure stability is another key advantage.

In relation to current changes affecting the company, it is relevant to mention that Leman Instruments has recently released an exciting new product: the GC STATION 60L & GC STATION 60LC. As a fully automated solution that is unlike any other available on the market, this particular addition acts as a combined technology gas generator which integrates an inboard compressor.

As well as frequently launching new products, the family-run business often attends trade shows in a bid to reach out to its ever-growing customer base. Exhibiting at Pittcon 2016, the largest laboratory science conference in the world, proved to be a particularly wise move as this event stimulated great interest for both the Leman Instruments brand and its range of premium quality laboratory equipment and dedicated analytical, testing, custom manufacturing, calibration and maintenance services.

Upon discussing what is on the agenda for Leman Instruments, Alexander concluded: “Our aim for the future is to keep on track with our company direction. This involves continued development with the introduction of new products and commitment in regards to increasing our presence in different markets.

“We find that advancing along with technology is fundamental but it is also important for us to keep our customers close. Operating with maximum care, we ensure to offer single customers direct support and are always happy to answer any questions they may have. Overall the past 12 months have been fantastic for us here at Leman Instruments and we are pleased to have created a huge evolution for gas generators.”