SPT Labtech and Watchmaker Genomics partner to simplify and streamline NGS library preparation

Automated protocols now available for mRNA and DNA sequencing

10 Jun 2024
SPT Labtech and Watchmaker Genomics partner

SPT Labtech's firefly® and the Watchmaker mRNA Library Prep Kit.

SPT Labtech has announced a collaboration with Watchmaker Genomics, an expert in genomics tools development for demanding sequencing applications. The partnership will deliver a suite of automated next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation solutions that aim to simplify and streamline lab operations for users while producing more accurate results.

The collaboration leverages Watchmaker’s portfolio of rapid and highly sensitive DNA and RNA solutions on the firefly® all-in-one liquid handling platform from SPT Labtech. The first of many co-developed methods features the Watchmaker mRNA Library Prep Kit and enables the generation of up to 96 libraries in under 6.5 hours with as little as 2.5 ng of starting RNA – a significant improvement over existing mRNA sequencing solutions that take multiple days to execute and have high input requirements.

“We’re enthusiastic about this partnership and the value it will ultimately bring to the genomics community,” said Sandra Rowe, Vice President of Marketing at Watchmaker Genomics. “There’s a true need for workflows that are simple, scalable, and deliver high-quality results. This first mRNA library prep solution lowers the energy barrier to accessing meaningful gene expression information while ensuring robust and reproducible performance.

Users can save additional time by accessing a library of verified protocols directly from the firefly community cloud and implementing them without the need for extensive training or external support in method development. Firefly’s low dead volume requirements also allow researchers to maximize the use of precious reagents and reduce overall costs and waste.

“We’re thrilled to be the first to automate Watchmaker’s mRNA Library Prep Kit -- underscoring firefly’s capabilities in streamlining library preparation workflows,” says Paul Lomax, Head of Genomics at SPT Labtech. “From the outset, our collaboration has been geared towards elevating efficiency and usability in genomics labs, empowering them to fully leverage cutting-edge technologies. We’re delighted to announce that the mRNA and DNA library prep protocols are now readily available for firefly users as the first step in this partnership.”

The co-developed mRNA library prep method and a method for the Watchmaker DNA Library Prep Kit with Fragmentation are now available.

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