Simplify your workflow with the NovoCyte Opteon

Are your flow cytometry panels becoming too complex for traditional flow cytometry?

22 Apr 2024
Lawrence Howes
Editorial Assistant

Visit Agilent Technologies at booth 69 at CYTO 2024, Edinburgh, Scotland, from May 4–8, to learn how you can revolutionize your flow cytometry experiments with the newly released NovoCyte Opteon flow cytometer. Capable of visualizing the whole spectrum, the NovoCyte Opteon promises to overcome hurdles encountered via traditional flow cytometry.

Key features include:

  • Unprecedented resolution: Offering 3–5 laser options with up to 73 detectors, NovoCyte Opteon enables high-resolution data from even the most complex experiments.
  • Simultaneous detection: NovoCyte Opteon simultaneously detects discrete cell subpopulations such as T cells, B cells, NK cells, and dendritic subpopulations in peripheral blood samples. Gain insights into cellular composition and functions and obtain comprehensive and in-depth profiles.
  • Faster conclusions: NovoCyte Opteon is coupled with the easy-to-use NovoExpress software to ensure maximum efficiency with a simple experimental set-up and data analysis interface so you can draw conclusions faster, for less work.

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