Siemens Healthineers’ agreement with Scopio Labs to distribute full-field digital cell morphology technology

8 May 2023
Jemima Arnold
Editorial Assistant

Siemens Healthineers recently announced an agreement to distribute Scopio Labs' full-field digital cell morphology technology, which will enable clinical laboratorians to examine patient blood cell samples digitally instead of under a microscope. The Scopio X100 and Scopio X100HT imaging platforms will complement the Siemens Healthineers systems — including the Atellica® HEMA 570 and Atellica® HEMA 580 Analyzers — to offer labs high-resolution, full-field viewing for peripheral blood specimens and artificial intelligence-based morphological analysis with remote capabilities through the secure hospital network.

“By offering laboratorians access to novel digital hematology technologies, we will be providing critical tools to optimize operational workflow and laboratory efficiency, accelerate diagnosis, and improve patient care while addressing reduced resource capacity," said Sharon Bracken, Head of Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers.

The Scopio digital cell morphology platforms are intended for use in the central laboratory adjacent to hematology analyzers to examine patient blood cell samples digitally and remotely, instead of on a slide under a microscope. A patient sample is run on a hematology analyzer. When abnormalities in a patient blood sample are detected or further analysis is required, a blood smear is prepared, and the slide is transferred to the Scopio imaging platform for digitalization.

Traditional manual microscopy requires specialized laboratory staff to examine slides and is time-consuming due to the volume of testing and the scope of analysis required for abnormal patient samples. Attempts to digitize cell samples have often faced a tradeoff — increasing resolution versus field of view — both of which contain essential clinical information pertinent to patient care.

Scopio Labs’ full-field imaging technology possesses integrated AI decision support providing laboratory professionals with a highly efficient way to standardize WBC differentials, RBC blood morphology, and platelet estimations. Remote review capabilities mean laboratory professional expertise will no longer be limited by physical location, and healthcare networks can provide fast analyses for their patients while better managing professional resources at their institutions. Scopio has reported that its Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear Application can reduce turnaround time for peripheral blood smear review by 60% — a significant optimization of lab workflows and operational efficiencies.

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