SCIEX launches the Intabio ZT system at ASMS 2023

The Intabio ZT system is the first available system to fully integrate icIEF-UV and mass spectrometry

8 Jun 2023
Lawrence Howes
Editorial Assistant

At ASMS 2023, SCIEX, launched the Intabio ZT system, the first fully integrated microfluidic chip-based platform combining imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (icIEF) separation and UV detection. When coupled with mass spectrometry (MS) identification on the ZenoTOF 7600 system, it eliminates the guesswork from early drug development stages and accelerates drug candidate selection. This icIEF-UV/MS workflow enables separation, quantitation and identification of biopharmaceutical charge variants and their proteoforms.

The Intabio ZT system can acquire data on charge isoforms for biopharmaceuticals in minutes instead of weeks. This capability targets a key bottleneck in biopharmaceutical characterization, where lack of connectivity between cIEF and MS assays can hamper the identification of unknown peaks early in the development process. The Intabio ZT system also harnesses the sophisticated data processing capability within Biologics Explorer software to unlock a new depth of information.

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