Sartorius introduces Arium Smart Station for dispensing pure and ultrapure water

Compact design allows placement of stations in laboratory locations where bench space is limited

16 May 2021
Diane Li
Assistant Editor

The life science group Sartorius has introduced the Arium® Smart Station for dispensing pure and ultrapure water from Arium® Comfort and Pro water systems and Arium® Bagtanks. With Arium® Smart Stations, laboratory water can be dispensed in the exact quantities required for experiments, when and where it is needed. Dispensing stations have a small footprint and can be wall-mounted or placed on the lab bench where they fit comfortably under a standard height shelf. Lab space and productivity can be further optimized by connecting multiple dispensers to a single water production unit. Each unit can be separated by up to four meters, allowing users to dispense water where it is most convenient for them.

“Lab and bench space is always at a premium and that was an essential consideration when we designed the Arium® Smart Station,” said Nadia Brandes, Lab Water Product Manager at Sartorius. “Users have complete flexibility to place the Stations where it makes the most sense for their specific needs. In addition to being compact, the Stations have an ergonomic design, an intuitive display and offer flexible height adjustment to fill even the largest vessels.”

The Arium® Smart Station puts complete control at users’ fingertips. Each Smart Station has a full-functionality touch-activated color display with the same operating features found on the main water system. The intuitive interface incorporates intelligent button technology and can be operated while wearing gloves and includes manual, volume, and favorite volume dispensing. These selections are always available on the main screen for immediate access, eliminating the need to click back and forth between screens.

The dispenser arm swivels a full 360°, can be adjusted in height from 13 to 75 cm and includes a hand-held option. This unprecedented flexibility allows filling of sample tubes from 1.5 mL to graduated cylinders, bottles and beakers at 5000 mL. Volume adjustment is simple, all the way down to drop-by-drop dispensing, and the system will alert the user when consumables need to be replaced. PIN protection can be activated, and alarms are displayed along with touch-activated technical support. Application-specific filters can be interchanged via a multiple-fit connection for sterile, ultrapure and polishers to remove specific contaminants.

“Convenient, flexible and reliable access to pure and ultrapure water in essential in the laboratory setting,” added Ms. Brandes. “With the Arium® Smart Station, our customers now have a water system that seamlessly integrates into the laboratory workflow.”

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