Opentrons unveils new protocol library and generative AI tools

The new no-code protocol library and AI-powered protocol generation tools provides scientists with automated workflows

7 Feb 2024
Will Thompson
Editorial Assistant

Opentrons Labworks, Inc., a leader in lab automation and makers of accessible lab robotics, has launched its new protocol library, offering plug-and-play protocols for all Opentrons robots, including the Opentrons Flex™. Opentrons is building an ecosystem for simplifying and scaling lab automation, which comprises the protocol library along with generative AI tools for protocol development, coupled with stringent wet- and dry-lab verification processes. The aim is to create the largest open-access set of robust liquid-handling automation protocols to streamline research across genomics, proteomics, cell biology, and synthetic biology.

Using the latest highly modular robotics system, the Opentrons Flex, scientists will be able to leverage a comprehensive database of protocols and AI-powered protocol generation tools that can enhance the efficiency of research, allowing scientists to overcome manual limitations and concentrate on discovery. This makes complex research more accessible, promoting a collaborative and knowledge-driven scientific community.

Along with Opentrons’ open-access protocol library, Opentrons has created an AI-powered protocol generation tool that leverages large language models to allow users to create novel workflows for Opentrons robots. This endeavor aligns with other prominent initiatives, aiming to create AI-driven lab assistants capable of designing and executing automated experiments utilizing Opentrons robots.

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