New Lifetime Warranty for PIKE MIRacle ATR Diamond Plates

11 Nov 2013
Sarah Thomas
Associate Editor

PIKE Technologies announces a new lifetime warranty on the diamond/ZnSe plate used with the MIRacle single reflection ATR accessory. All diamond/ZnSe plates purchased on or after November 1, 2013 will be covered by this warranty. The durability of the PIKE diamond/ZnSe crystal plate makes it ideal for analyzing hard materials. It also performs well with acidic and alkaline samples. The MIRacle single reflection ATR accessory is available for all brands of FTIR spectrometers.

PIKE Technologies, Inc. is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Established in 1989, it became a primary source for spectroscopy accessories and applications worldwide. Products include attenuated total reflectance (ATR), diffuse reflectance, specular reflectance, integrating spheres, polarization, IR microscope, beam condensers, remote sensing, and a complete line of transmission sampling accessories. Many of these products are available with optional heating and automation for increased sampling speed and productivity.

PIKE Technologies, Inc. also offers design and consulting services for development of specialized and custom products for a wide range of spectroscopy applications. PIKE products are compatible with all major brands of spectrometers.