New Genedata Ready-to-Run Delivers Out-of-the-Box Integration with Leading Screening Devices

Ready-to-Run: Time-savings - Improved User Workflows - Better Science

10 Aug 2015
Chelsie Phillips
Temporary Editorial Assistant

Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, has announced that the first four partners have signed on to its new Genedata Screener® Ready-to-Run program for turnkey integrations. Ready-to-Run integrations are instrument-specific, versioned, tested, and maintained by Genedata with the support of the respective instrument companies. Ready-to-Run gives researchers a fast and systematic way to import raw measurements from cutting-edge screening instruments.

The Genedata Screener versatile data import APIs enable integration with virtually any plate-based screening instrument, including fluorescence readers, automated high content imagers, automated patch clamp devices, and many more. Due to simple and transparent output formats, standard plate-reader integrations are rather straightforward while other devices producing highly complex, massive-volume data per plate present a host of integration challenges. To address these challenges, the Genedata Screener open integration capability is now standardized with specific integrations of Genedata Screener for instruments from leading vendors including IntelliCyt™, Labcyte™, and Thermo Scientific™. Such integration versions are maintained by Genedata as part of its standard software licensing agreements.

Complex screening instruments create special data acquisition challenges. For example, data import workflows in High-Content Screening (HCS) require specific integrations to select features and to automatically match images to the imported data for immediate single-click display. With Ready-to-Run integrations, researchers simply select the plate results in which they are interested and Genedata Screener conducts the data analysis. Accessing raw instrument data in this manner eliminates time formerly devoted to manual file transfer, increases the power of analysis by importing meta-data, and ultimately gives scientists a better understanding of results.

Genedata Screener, which streamlines and standardizes data analysis, is the only software platform for end-to-end and fully integrated data analysis workflows in screening -- from raw data to the corporate data warehouse. Originally established for HCS, the Genedata Screener standard integration model is packaged in the Ready-to-Run program, which is now extended to High

Throughput Flow and Automated Patch Clamp (APC) technologies as well as liquid handling devices. Nanion Technologies and Genedata have partnered for the first binary integration of an APC instrument with the screening data analysis workflow. Ready-to-Run integrations effectively overcome the gap between drug discovery data flows and data management infrastructure and screening instruments with their software.

"Ready-to-Run is a win-win for Screener customers and our instrument partners," said Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. "Out-of-the-box integration lowers our customers' total cost of ownership, saves precious time of research IT, and allows researchers to fully leverage their Genedata Screener platform for new technologies. Plus, our instrument partners are now able to easily expand their footprint within the Genedata Screener research community, which includes the world's leading pharmas, CROs, and academic research institutions."