Modernizing dioxin and POPs analysis

16 Apr 2024
Jemima Arnold
Editorial Assistant

Dioxins or polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins/furans (PCDD/F), and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are everywhere, from the environment to our food. Laboratories need to analyze samples to accurately quantify dioxins and POPs and guarantee results are compliant with regulations and other controls on food and environmental safety. In this series of application notes, explore how Thermo Fisher Scientific GC-MS portfolio including GC-MS/MS, GC Orbitrap MS technology are being implemented alongside long standing Magnetic sector GC-HRMS for the routine quantitative analysis and detection of dioxins and POPs.

1. Simplify the complexity of dioxin analysis

Explore the Thermo Scientific™ dioxin analysis portfolio which allows analysts to meet the most rigorous of challenges associated with dioxin analysis. The portfolio includes worldwide compliant magnetic sector technology, high resolution accurate mass spectrometry for comprehensive characterization of samples, and GC triple quadrupoles for an easy-to-implement analytical workflow for dioxin analysis.

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2. Orbitrap Exploris GC mass spectrometer analysis of PCDD/F

Explore the optimization and performance of the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Exploris™ GC mass spectrometer for the trace analysis of PCDD/F using high-resolution accurate-mass spectrometry.

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3. PCDD/Fs analysis using triple quadrupole GC-MS with helium-saving technology

Consider the performance of the Thermo Scientific™ HeSaver-H2 Safer™ technology for the iConnect™ split/splitless (SSL) injector on the Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1600 Series GC systems for the analysis of PCDDs.

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4. Which dioxin and POPs can the DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS be used for?

Discover solutions from the Thermo Scientific portfolio and their performance in the routine quantitative analysis of dioxins and POPs. The gold standard in confident, ultra-trace routine quantitation, the DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS, can be used for any dioxin and POPs application and delivers sensitivity and high matrix tolerance.

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5. The advantages of Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS technology for dioxin and POPs analysis

Learn more about the Thermo Scientific™ DFS™ Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS for the routine quantitative analysis of dioxins and POPs. Thanks to its robustness, for its large-volume ion source, the DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS delivers consistent performance for routine analysis of complex matrices. For research applications, the DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS offers sensitivity and an integrated software solution, featuring flexibility and real-time analysis traceability.

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