Merck expands ultrapure water benchtop portfolio

From essential needs to advanced research and testing, scientists can find the solution to meet their specific requirements

21 May 2024
Will Thompson
Editorial Assistant

Merck’s Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions

Merck’s Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions benchtop portfolio further expands, with solutions to meet the ultrapure water needs of any laboratory.

For scientists using ultrapure water who need to assure high accuracy, reproducibility and efficiency, Milli-Q® IQ 7 Series water systems provide technologies to support their workflows:

  • Accuracy is supported by advanced, on-screen water quality monitoring that includes the rapid, online A10® Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitor. Plus, advanced data traceability and a full qualification program facilitate compliance.
  • High reproducibility is supported by consistent water quality delivered by complementary purification media, including Elix® electrodeionization (EDI) technology and an intelligently designed pure water storage tank.
  • Lab efficiency is enhanced by volumetric dispensing and minimized downtime thanks to remote alarms and troubleshooting via MyMilli-Q™ Remote Care.

Due to features that reduce water and electricity consumption compared to older generation systems, Milli-Q® IQ 7 series water systems, as well as the recently introduced Milli-Q® SQ 2Series of water purification systems, are labelled Greener Alternative Products.

Milli-Q® SQ 2Series of water purification systems meet scientists’ needs for ultrapure water by bringing simplicity through innovation, with eight patents filed. The compact water systems can be integrated into any laboratory setup.

  • Intuitive to operate with a transparent 3.5L Switch tank and ergonomic manual ultrapure dispensing from 1.6 L/min to drop by drop.
  • Rapid upstart and minimal upkeep with self-installation in under 30 minutes, tank filling in as little as six minutes, and no need to replace the UV lamp.
  • Adapts to any lab set up and expands to multiple labs by adding and moving dispensing modules and Switch tanks.

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