Hoefer<sup>®</sup> Inc. introduces a new range of electrophoresis power supplies

16 Nov 2007

Hoefer Inc. of San Francisco, California, announces the release of an exciting new product supply line, designed to enhance blotting and electrophoresis applications.

The new models, PS200HC and PS300B provide a modern look, small footprint, ergonomically designed features, and the quality and performance customers worldwide have come to expect from Hoefer products.

Each model comes with 4 sets of outputs (4mm), constant voltage or current, variable setting timer, with versatility, simplicity and economy designed into the products.

The 300 volt unit is primarily designed for the majority of electrophoresis techniques, with the 200 volt unit providing an ideal choice for most blotting applications. Both models complement Hoefers broad, high quality, high performance product line.

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