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8 Feb 2022
Ellie Abbott
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In this article, we highlight the top talks from our recent virtual event, now available on demand, that you won't want to miss. During the event, hosted in partnership with Sartorius, experts in the field of biologics and therapeutics showcased their research, and leading manufacturers shared their technology solutions with participants from across the globe.

The free-to-attend virtual event showcased hot topics spanning immuno-oncology, neuroscience, infectious diseases, vaccines, vaccine development, advanced cell models, cell line development, and more. The platform featured renowned speakers, interactive booths, resource hubs from leading brands, and opportunities for scientists and manufacturers to connect.

Just a few of the talks now available to watch on demand include:

Design and development of potency assays for an autologous cell therapy for Alzheimer disease

Cell sorting in a busy laboratory

In this expert talk, Prof. Michael Valenzuela, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist at Skin2Neuron, discusses his approach to developing potency assays for an autologous therapy for Alzheimer's disease. He highlights the use of Primaverah® technology, Alzheimer's disease as a therapeutic target, proof of concept animal studies leading to proposed mechanisms of action, and potency assays currently under development.

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Refining bispecific antibody engineering

Michael  Fiebig

In this presentation, Dr. Michael Fiebig,Chief Scientific Officer at Absolute Antibody, shares his approach to getting started with bispecific antibody engineering. He highlights the core technologies, applications, and designs to consider when engineering bispecific antibodies.

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Evaluation of checkpoint inhibitor therapies using a mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) assay

Kirsty McBain image

Join Kirsty McBain, Associate Scientist iQue® Applications Group at Sartorius, as she gives an overview of advanced high-throughput flow cytometry and highlights case studies of how the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform and associated reagent kits can be used to quantify T cell response in MLR.

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A dissection of SARS-CoV-2 with primary human lung culture systems

Sandra Lawrynowicz image

Sandra Lawrynowicz Leibel, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, and Ben Croker, Associate Professor, both at the University of California, San Diego, discuss the use of lung organoid models to study the effects of SARS-CoV-2, and cell culture methods for generation of human lung culture systems. They also highlight how to use live-cell imaging to investigate the pathobiology of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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Discovery and development of antibody therapies for COVID-19

Zhiqiang Ku image

In this talk, Dr. Zhiqiang Ku, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine, shares how neutralizing antibodies can be used as a drug modality for the treatment of COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 virology, platforms for antibody discovery, and strategies and technologies for selecting the right antibody combinations.

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Watch the remaining talks at a time that suits you

Missed one of the presentations? Fortunately, all of the presentations will be available to watch on-demand until March 12 – be sure to register now for access.

Harnessing the power of iPSCs for disease modelling
Dr Sian Humphreys, Scientific Project Manager, Axol Bioscience

Multiplexed functional antibody profiling using advanced flow cytometry
Dr. John O’Rourke, Head of Product Development for Cell Analytics, Sartorius

Live-cell analysis of human neuron-glial cell co-cultures
Dr. Tom Campbell, Senior Scientist, Talisman Therapeutics

Developing an assay platform for screening and characterization of antibody drug conjugates
Rachel Forfar, LifeArc

Enabling next-generation bioanalysis and bioprocessing with Optimer®
Dr. Edward Barnes, Director of Research, Aptamer Group

Advances in 3D cell models for cancer biology using real-time live-cell analysis
Kalpana Barnes, Manager, Cell Imaging Applications, Sartorius

Cell line development: Accelerating process optimization by combining Ambr® 15 cell culture with Octet® titer measurements
Dr. Dirk Müller, Manager of Media & Process Development, Sartorius Lukas Klein, Scientist, Sartorius

From gene cloning to commercialization: Tools for steamlining cell line development
Dr. Stuart Knowling, Senior Scientist, Sartorius

Addressing cancer gene therapy efficacy by real-time live–cell imaging
Dr. Pierre Cordelier, Senior Scientist and Team Leader, INSERM

Efficient detection of airborne viruses: Monitoring air during viral outbreaks
Eric Clement Arakel, Global Project Manager for Sartorius

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