DeNovix launches a new 1 µL UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

The DS-7 Spectrophotometer is introduced as part of the DS-Series quantification range

14 May 2024
Will Thompson
Editorial Assistant
DS-7 Spectrophotometer
The DS-7 Spectrophotometer from DeNovix provides rapid and reliable UV-Vis quantification

The DS-7 Spectrophotometer is designed to equip budget-conscious labs with high performance, full spectrum UV-Vis measurements (190–840 nm) for DNA, RNA and protein quantification. Based on the award-winning DS-11 technology, DS-Series instruments offer accurate, flexible quantification with a wide choice of models and measurement options.

The DS-7 Spectrophotometer provides rapid and reliable 1 µL UV-Vis quantification (2–15,000 ng/µL dsDNA), as well as an optional cuvette mode for applications such as kinetics or OD600 measurements. Like other DS-Series instruments, EasyApps™ software contains pre-configured applications for each of the most commonly measured biomolecule types. Devices also include a 7-inch high-definition touchscreen, USB and label printer exporting, four color choices, and a two-year warranty.

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