Culture cells on a 3D gel with defined flow

24 Feb 2021
Edward Carter
Publishing / Media

ibidi’s new µ-Slide I Luer 3D is an innovative slide with one channel and three wells for 3D cell culture under flow.

Sample preparation is easy: fill each of the three wells with a gel (e.g., collagen, Matrigel, or fibrinogen). Then, simply seed the cells into the channel, where they will adhere to the gel. For applying defined shear stress, the slide is connected to a pump (e.g., to the ibidi Pump System). Thanks to the ibidi Polymer Coverslip on the slide’s top and bottom, the cells can be imaged using high-resolution microscopy.

The µ-Slide I Luer 3D is a versatile channel slide designed for a huge variety of 3D cell culture experiments under flow. Scientists can create a cell monolayer on the gel matrix for polarization assays or transendothelial migration studies. For the simulation of blood vessels, an in vivo-like endothelial barrier can be established on the gel without any artificial filters or membranes.

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