Automate analysis with NexaFlo Segmented Flow Analyzer

The Analyzer speeds up analytical processes while also enhancing lab safety

3 Apr 2024
Will Thompson
Editorial Assistant
Nexaflo Automated Segment Flow Analyzer
NexaFlo™ is designed to accommodate both micro-bore and macro-bore SFA methods

NexaFlo™ is the fourth generation of segmented flow analyzers from KPM Analytics.

One key feature of the NexaFlo analyzer is that it was designed to directly address lab safety. It includes a reagent containment system that prevents solvent vapor accumulation, reducing the risk of reagent spillage for a safer working environment. Additionally, its built-in display allows operators to adjust chemistry conveniently and monitor real-time changes in analytical conditions.

One specialized area of application for the NexaFlo is marine water testing for nutrients and contaminants. The analyzer offers capabilities that overcome common industry challenges, such as working with ultrapure water as a carrier or a potassium chloride (KCl) solution and supplying a workaround when there is risk of trace amounts of ammonia in commercial KCl.

NexaFlo utilizes the same core technology as KPM’s FUTURA model analyzer, with advanced features that supply lab technicians with the precision and accuracy that meets requirements for low limits of quantitation (LLOQ).

NexaFlo presents laboratory managers and scientific directors with a comprehensive solution for more accurate, efficient, and safe wet chemistry analysis:

  • Precision instrumentation: NexaFlo supplies accurate and reliable results when analyzing samples for contamination or nutrient analysis, or for environmental monitoring.
  • Greater assurance: Additional sensors built into the device tell the user if the segmented flow analyzer is in a healthy condition, informing the user of leaks or other operational issues to enable rapid, corrective action. This builds a level of confidence in the reliability of the data for more accurate results.
  • Advanced software suite: The advanced software suite simplifies laboratory operations, providing powerful tools for data analysis, workflow management, and instrument control. A modular solution allows independent and reduced fault operation in case of console breakdown, for an uninterrupted workflow and a more flexible approach than other systems. EPA/ISO methods are available for different matrices.
  • Robust safety features: The innovative design includes a specific reagent containment solution that prevents solvent vapor accumulation to minimize the risk of spillage and exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Built-in display and modularity: NexaFlo features a built-in display, which enables operators to adjust chemistry, eliminating the need to work with multiple areas. This advantageous modularity enables laboratories to expand analytical operations up to 14 different chemistries in a single platform, at their own pace.
  • Cost-effectiveness: NexaFlo's modular design and reagent containment system reduces reagent usage and waste, resulting in cost savings for laboratories.

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