Aplegen Present Omega Lum G Imaging System

Low cost, high performance gel and blot imaging

7 Sept 2016
Finn Price
Administrator / Office Personnel

When you need a gel imaging system which will enable you to capture images of DNA gels, protein gels and western blots you could be faced having to invest in an expensive system if you are looking for versatility and performance. With an Aplegen Omega Lum G that is no longer the case.

What will surprise most people is the incredible low cost for such a high specification system. The Omega Lum G from Aplegen is the ideal package for those looking for a gel and western blot imaging documentation system. It comes complete with everything you need. Simply unpack it to get started capturing images of your gels and blots quickly.

For those looking for an all-round system then the Omega Lum G is the logical choice. It can be used for fluorescent gels and chemiluminescent blots. Additionally, the multiple excitation sources make it suitable for nucleotide and protein stains. The system is compatible with an extensive range of dyes including SYBR® Safe, SYBR family, Ethidium Bromide, Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain, AdvanStain Scarlet, SYPRO® Ruby, Oriole™ and more. With so many applications possible the Omega Lum G is the perfect solution for a busy multiple user laboratory.

The Omega Lum G has an incredible 6 million pixel resolution camera which is cooled to an impressive -350C. This translates to a stunning, noise free image which is essential for high quality imaging.

All Aplegen systems are noted for their beautiful design and compact footprint. Each system is robust and of a high quality. The small size means they sit perfectly on any laboratory bench. However, small footprint does not mean small sample size and the Omega Lum G can accommodate large format protein and nucleotide gels in its impressive 20.5 x 25cm imaging area. Lighting includes a dual wavelength transilluminator, white light conversion screen, EPI white and blue LED’s. The integrated Tablet with pre-installed software rounds off the complete, ready to use system.

Says Aplegen “we believe that the Omega Lum G is a great all-round system which combines high performance with a price tag which suits most budgets”.