Analytik Jena presents innovative solutions, smart innovations, and comprehensive service offerings at analytica 2022

30 Jun 2022
Ellie Abbott

After more than two years of limited opportunities worldwide, Analytik Jena GmbH will be on site at analytica 2022 in Munich with exciting offerings and a new booth design.

This year's appearance of the Jena-based supplier of high-precision and qualitatively outstanding analytical instruments made in Germany is guided by the motto "You're focused on results - we're focused on you". It illustrates the primary goal of the Endress+Hauser subsidiary: from the problem definition to the final solution, customers are comprehensively advised and accompanied by experts, application projects are supported, and expert support is offered. This allows customers to concentrate exclusively on their analysis processes and the corresponding results.

The fresh look of the booth (Hall A1, Booth 310) is also reflected on the product side: visitors can look forward to smart innovations from the areas of chemical analysis, life science, and liquid handling & automation.

However, the experts on site will not only provide advice on the variety of instruments and technology solutions. Under the title "Meet the Expert", service staff will present exciting insights into technologies such as mass spectrometry, ICP-OES, qPCR, and liquid handling. In addition to these live presentations, interested parties will be given an overview of the company's extensive support and service portfolio at the so-called Support Corner.

Analytik Jena is also sponsoring the Bunsen-Kirchhoff Prize, worth 3,000 euros, which will be awarded during the analytica conference.

Highlight #1
Quick and easy AOX sample preparation with APU 28 connect
Analytik Jena presents a further development in their APU 28 series for automated AOX* sample preparation with the APU 28 connect, which makes AOX sample preparation profitable as it combines standard-compliant methods, automation and ease of use.

The various APU 28 connect models are capable of enriching 28 different samples sequentially or in parallel using the AOX column method, halving preparation time for laboratories. An absolute world premiere: Even fully automated SPE-AOX enrichment is significantly simplified. This new sample preparation system makes it possible for the first time to have a mix of SPE-AOX and standard AOX samples in one sequence. The APU 28 connect is also designed throughout for ease of use. Bluetooth functionalities enable remote access from anywhere in the laboratory and the touch display renders operation far easier for the users.

Highlight #2
High-precision drinking water analysis with the lowest possible cost per sample

By using the most sensitive ICP-MS solutions on the market from Analytik Jena, laboratories are meeting the challenges of the day. The PlasmaQuant MS series offers optimal performance in throughput and analysis time without sacrificing precision.

The PlasmaQuant MS series is also very efficient in daily operation. For comparison, the ICP-MS needs only half the amount of argon than typical ICP-MS instruments on the market require. The combination of detection power, speed, reduced argon usage and high throughput contributes to its lowest costs per sample for routine drinking water analysis.

In addition to ICP-MS solutions, Analytik Jena offers other technologies and methods for analyzing drinking water. For example, the ICP-OES or TOC/TNb analytica devices enable laboratories to analyze minerals, trace elements, or complex sample matrices, allowing additional regulations and standards to be met.

Highlight #3
Innovative workflow for the challenging detection of biological parameters in wastewater

Analytik Jena, together with Endress+Hauser, has developed a new and efficient workflow for monitoring biological parameters in wastewater. This is an universal workflow for molecular detection of organisms that covers the entire process chain - from sampling to scalable nucleic acid extraction to quantitative real-time PCR.

Workflow steps:

Fully automated sample collection with the Liquistation CSF48 automated sampler (Endress+Hauser).

Desorption of the filter membrane bound nucleic acids with the SpeedMill PLUS (Analytik Jena).

Reproducible extraction of DNA/RNA with the InnuPure C16 touch or the CyBio FeliX extract, depending on throughput (Analytik Jena).

Highly sensitive and quantitative real-time PCR using the qTOWER³ series (Analytik Jena).

The degree of automation of the high-performance workflow can be optimally adapted to the sample volume and application environment. All components are coordinated with each other and offer the laboratory user a fast, reliable and scalable workflow that has already proven itself in practice for SARS-CoV-2 monitoring in wastewater.

Highlight #4
Even more versatile, flexible and powerful – Analytik Jena presents a new pipetting head for the CyBio FeliX liquid handling platform

Analytik Jena is expanding its range of interchangeable pipetting heads for the fully automated liquid handling platform CyBio FeliX. SELECT Head is a new pipetting head offering a dedicated solution for applications in the areas of normalization and hit picking with its SELECT Head. Using the SELECT Head, the user can handle up to eight channels in any combination, thereby gaining even greater flexibility for their applications.

Another fundamental advantage of the SELECT Head is its software. This saves laboratories a great deal of time and effort when setting up their liquid handling processes. In no time at all, users can set up their automated pipetting routines in a simple step-by-step process. Pre-defined applications, specifications and consumables are already integrated and ready to be selected.

Highlight #5
New thermal cycler management software simplifies daily laboratory routine

With its new thermal cycler management software “Biometra TSuite”, Analytik Jena is launching a tool to easily operate and monitor the company's own thermal cycler series from one point. The convenient software not only provides quick access for direct operation of individual thermal cyclers in a network, as well as access to detailed device information, programs, documentation files and much more. A user-friendly interface allows for easy and rapid collection of extensive data. This enables quick familiarity with the software – no extensive training is required, resulting in increased operating flexibility for laboratory personnel.

Up to 1,000 devices can be managed by Biometra TSuite, so there is no real limit to the number of devices that can be integrated, even across floors. This results in significant time savings and maximum convenience when operating the thermal cyclers, as well as reliable and clear documentation of log files. The software is compatible with the current models of Biometra TOne, Biometra TAdvanced, Biometra TRIO as well as Biometra TRobot II.

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