Product Brochure: Waters clinical diagnostics solutions: Analytical technology for better care
27 March 2023

Clinical diagnostic laboratories need to provide a broad range of tests with accuracy and selectivity, but many challenges can stand in the way. Ensuring that the results you provide are accurate and timely is critical in providing the best patient care, but faster results should not sacrifice quality. Waters helps its customers enhance workflow efficiencies, improve specificity of results, and implement new diagnostic tests with LC-MS/MS solutions, so you can help provide accurate diagnosis and treatment without compromising compliance, flexibility, and performance. In this brochure, Waters presents its MassTrak IVD Systems, which allow you to customize your instrumentation to your analytical needs providing accurate results, while maintaining regulatory compliance. Waters MassTrak IVD Systems are built on its many years of experience in clinical diagnostics, so you can increase your testing capabilities to provide better care.