Application Note: Universal data acquisition in Syngistix software for Avio 550/560 Max ICP-OES
15 March 2023

Historically, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectroscopy has been used for the analysis of multiple analytes with excellent speed, sensitivity and large linear dynamic range. Early ICP instruments used photomultiplier tubes for the analysis of single wavelengths, one at a time. Introduction of solid state detectors allowed for the simultaneous acquisition of all wavelengths and background information resulting in data-rich analyses. However, even with these advances, most users still only utilize one wavelength per analyte. Universal Data Acquisition (UDA), a proprietary feature within Syngistix™ for ICP software available on the Avio® 550/560 Max ICP-OES, allows for the simultaneous acquisition of all available wavelengths all of the time with a click of the mouse. UDA is much more than a semi-quantitative application. It will provide quantitative results without requiring a separate mode of analysis, uses virtually no extra storage space, and can be added during your normal routine analysis. In this application note, PerkinElmer shows how UDA can help with several real-life case scenarios.