Application eBook: Understanding microorganisms: DNA extraction explained
20 June 2022

Microorganisms are the foundation of the biosphere and perform most biochemical processes on the planet, yet many remain unidentified. The diverse and complex communities of these microbes each occupy a unique niche in the ecosystem. Gaining a comprehensive knowledge of these microorganisms is essential, particularly when trying to improve our understanding of the environment, the food we consume, the fuel we use, and the gut microbiota.

This application eBook presents an expert guide on how to effectively extract DNA to better investigate microorganisms, details the complexity of freshwater environments, explores antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in wastewater treatment plants, and illustrates how high-throughput sequencing can help accurately detect helminth infections. 

This eBook will also cover:

  • The analysis of fermented foods
  • How to prevent biases in microbiome extraction and sequencing
  • The latest technologies designed to help accelerate your research and achieve optimum DNA extraction