Application Note: The Method Detectives: Building a New Business Model with Analytical Procedure (Method) Lifecycle Management
12 March 2019

This application note details the benefits of analytical quality-by-design (AQbD) and method lifecycle management (MLCM), being offered by Chromicen. The methods were used alongside a toolbox of Waters LC systems, chemistries, and software to solve customers' challenges with method development and validation. AQbD takes a holistic approach in order to allow an overall understanding of method performance. These are based on numerous multidimensional combinations and interactions of the factors involved in a product's lifecycle – from the idea, development transfer, marketing, and sale, to its discontinuation. The adoption of Waters ACQUITY UPLC and ACQUITY QDa technology has provided Chromicen with faster information, earlier in the method development process, contributing to their business success.