Application Note: Species-Analysis of Organo-Magnesium-Compounds in Case of Chlorophyll and its Derivates by Using HPLC-FAAS
30 November 2015

Chlorophylls have been analyzed for a long time but are still an uncertain field for reliable analysis. Chlorophylls can be found in a wide variety of structures and concentrations. Because of the structure, the chlorophylls are active for UV/Vis-radiation. Therefore, the high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with a photodiode array detector (PDA) is used in the most experiments, as this technique can detect different chlorophylls with a good sensitivity. However, accurate quantification can be ensured if a reference standard is used for calibration. Those substances cannot be purchased for all chlorophyll derivatives; chlorophyll a and b are the only available chlorophyll standards. This application note describes how to analyze chlorophylls in extracted leaf samples.