Application Note: Simultaneous Analysis of Intact Human Insulin and Five Analogs in Human Plasma Using μElution SPE and a CORTECS UPLC Column
3 November 2015

Insulin is perhaps one of the best known and earliest peptide therapeutics. Multiple long and fast-acting analogs have also been developed, and a patient may often be prescribed one of each for diabetes control. Quantification of biologics, such as insulins, has historically been performed using ligand binding assays (LBAs) such as ELISAS. LC/MS/MS, however, has certain advantages over LBAs, such as shorter development times, higher accuracy and precision, the ability to multiplex, no cross-reactivity, and the ability to readily distinguish between closely related insulins. This work provides a single, simple method for the simultaneous, direct quantification of intact human insulin and multiple insulin analogs in human plasma using mixed-mode solid-phase extraction (SPE) and a high-efficiency, solid-core particle column that contains a low-level positive surface charge.