Application Note: Rapid ELISA-Based Measurement of Protein Phosphorylation Using RayBioPhosphorylation ELISA Kits
30 May 2017

RayBio® Phosphorylation ELISA is a rapid, convenient and sensitive sandwich ELISA for the in vitro measurement of key signaling pathway phosphoproteins in cell or tissue extracts. Over 20 different kits are available for well-studied pathway molecules such as EGFR, Akt, Erk1/2, p38 alpha, Mek1, STAT1, STAT3, and Met. RayBio Phosphorylation ELISA also features site-specific phospho-antibodies which can detect a single phosphorylated residue (for example, Tyr1086 of EGFR). This method is an improvement on traditional labor-intensive immunoblotting protocols that require 2-3 days of processing time.