Application Note: OneStep Lead Characterization of High Affinity Biologic Interactions with Pioneer diSPR Systems
13 February 2018

Biopharmaceutical drug discovery and development have celebrated the approval of breakthrough treatments in diseases of inflammation, cancer and infectious disease in recent years. As the biopharma industry sees more therapeutic successes, the problems left to solve in medicine will prove increasingly more difficult. Protein therapeutics, or biologics, are known for having good specificity for their therapeutic targets and this often affords fewer side effects than small molecule drugs. Biologics are a viable route for targeting protein–protein interactions, cell surface receptors, and other difficult-to-drug therapeutic targets. The discovery process for biologics has been well established, especially for common molecular classes such as monoclonal antibodies, and newer classes of biologics are being sought for enhanced cell uptake, membrane permeability and serum half-life.